2 in 1 - yogilates and weight-loss

Yogilates And Weight Loss – 2 in 1 practice

There are so many workouts, diets and techniques to lose weight that sometimes you cannot keep counting. Each method works different for us, but from my experience the best results I got with healthy food and physical exercises.

Not recently, but not to far, I’ve heard about yogilates and weight loss combination.

Maybe you will ask yourself, what is this Yogilates? Let’s see together what it is.

What Is Yogilates?

Yogilates was created in 1997 by Jonathan Urla, a Pilates instructor and yoga practitioner, who wanted to integrate Pilates methodology into hatha yoga practice to get a more complex system of exercises. Yogilates has gained shape and has become a well-established and efficient system that comes with the benefits of both disciplines.

When I start practicing yoga, I start with hatha yoga and I have seen results. Working the 9 to 5 office hours, mostly seating, I develop lots of paints and stiffness in my body.

Hatha yoga did the trick and from there I was unstoppable when it’s about yoga.

From Yoga, you will develop the flexibility of the body, and through Pilates you develop muscle strength and ability to concentrate.

Movements most often involve muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and lumbar muscles.

Stretching in Yogilates and weight loss
Developing flexibility and muscle strength with yogilates

Yogilates classes resemble Yoga classes – a certain atmosphere is created, easy warm up exercises are made, stretching exercises, meditation and the technique emphasis are on the common characteristics of the two practices: concentration on breathing, flexibility, increased resistance with fluid movements.

Usually warming is done with Pilates exercises, gradually progressing to poses similar to those practiced in hatha yoga. In fact, one of the main principles behind the yogilates is that Pilates exercises warm the body and prepare it to be able to perform yoga more efficiently and safely.

Pilates also have the role of building the strength needed to maintain different Yoga postures.

For yogilates, you usually needed only your mattress, but sometimes it is also to use strips or the Pilates bar to maintain certain positions or for flexibility and toning. The switch between postures is very gentle and fluid, without forcing the body.

The programs can be adapted to each practitioner according to his/her physical form and abilities. You can practice yogilates if you are a beginner, if you are pregnant, have joint or spine problems. You only need to talk to your coach about it and set up a program that suits your needs.

Yogilates Benefits

Yogilates exercises will you help to improve muscle tone and body flexibility, strengthens abdominal muscles and defines muscles of the buttocks.

Through Yogilates you learn to listen to your body, to understand its messages and needs. Moreover, this form of movement contributes to the detoxification of the body, attenuates the symptoms of arthritis and back pain, increases the level of energy and respiratory efficiency.

An extraordinary benefit of Yogilates classes is to learn to live “here and now”, to be present when you work, but to have your mind free and relaxed.

Yogilates and weight loss abs definition
Yogilates will define your abs

Yogilates relieves you of stress. Stress occurs when there is a rupture between mind, body and soul, between the way we see new things and the way they are actually in reality. Although there are many ways to get rid of stress, the best way is to reconnect mind, body and soul.

Yogilates is a sport that brings benefits to the whole body, eliminates tension and balances the nervous system.

To summarize, Yogilaes benefits are:

– sculpting the body and improving posture;

– improves balance;

– Increases strength, stability, mobility and flexibility.

– reduces back pain

– Improves body-mind connection

– Reduces stress.

Yogilates For Weigh Loss

Because it’s a whole body workout, yogilates help you work muscle groups that you do not usually use during a regular workout in the gym. By releasing body tension and toning, the body is remodeled, you have a better posture and you can even burn calories. For a more consistent weight loss, it is recommended to combine yogilates with a cardio program.

You should feel a sensation of stretching during the exercises, not pain. You will gain flexibility over the time, not during a single session, so do not venture too far to avoid accidents.

Do not force your body, do not stay in poses which give you pain.

Each session of Yogilates begins with 10 minutes of meditation, the purpose is to remove all thoughts and reconnect with ourselves to create a bond between body, mind and soul. Postures and exercises are done slowly, with patience to allow the body to become flexible.

Yogilates was not developed for weight loss, but can help the process.

There are three representative poses in Yogilates: the salutation of the sun, criss-cross (a powerful exercise that works whole abdomen, especially the obliques) and tadasana.

Yogilates Principles

Yogilates is based on 8 principles:

1. Quality, not quantity, matter. Yogilates focuses on the quality of each movement, avoiding uncontrolled repetitions.

2. Proper breathing is extremely important while exercising. Abdominal breathing uses a large amount of oxygen and moves internal abdominal muscles that support vital organs. So leave the abdomen free, release it from tension and breathe at its full capacity.

Breathing is important while practicing Yogilates
Proper breathing is extremely important while exercising

3. The focus is on the abdomen. Yogilates help strengthen abdominal muscles and, implicitly, improve overall muscle tone.

4. Regardless of the movements performed, the posture of the body must be correct. The Yogilates system teaches you how to practice and maintain your correct posture at the same time.

5. Everyone works at his own level. Yogilates teaches you that your body is the most important, but you have to give yourself the time to understand it. It does not matter at what level the others work, it is important to what level you are.

6. Concentrate. To create a connection between your body, your mind and your soul, you have to focus. It is necessary to point your attention to your body, breathing, posture and the way you perform the movements.

7. The joy of living that moment. Yogilates teaches you to live today, to live the moment you perform the movements.

8. It does not matter how much you move, it is important to be able to create that connection with your body while you practice.

Final Thoughts

I think now you have an idea about the yogilates, how well and harmonious combine yoga and Pilates. Do not forget about the benefits and principles.

The only remaining thing is to practice.

The method took the essence from both yoga and Pilates giving a new tool which has the goal to give you a well-being.

Let me know if you will try it or if you already did, I would like to hear your opinions. Feel free to leave your comment in the comments section.

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I have always been interested in living a healthy life.

I believe in the power of nature, the power of the plants which were given to us. Hiking, running, yoga, Pilates and meditation are the tools which keep me in shape and provide a state of well-being.

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  1. Yogilates. New to me but I like.
    I used to do Pilates and stopped for several years. I walked the nature trail that backs on to my house and had monthly subscription to the gym. But none of that quite gave the type of workout I wanted.
    Only recently I discovered Yoga. What I mean is that I discovered that I needed not be a contortionist to practice yoga. I’m loving it.
    But, now that I see it can be melded with Pilates, even better. I’ll be checking out your other posts to see what next.

    1. Hi Tina,

      I also walk in the nature and have had a monthly subscription to the gym, but being short on available time, I decided to practicing at home. Hahaha, I like the contortions referring. Indeed, you don’t have to be one, just listen your body and you will develop flexibility. Yoga and Pilates are a great combination and I’m also happy to discover yogilates.
      Thank you for checking the other posts, I hope you will discover useful information.

      Stay healthy!

  2. This is great! This is my first time of reading about it, Yogilates. I spend long hours in the lab almost everyday and have resorted to gym as way of releasing stress aside playing tennis and football.
    I think it’s time a try this new thing of breathing, concentrating and relaxing with new postures. I hope I wouldn’t be tempted to push myself harder?

    1. I’m glad you like it 🙂 I also do. Like you, I was curious to read about it.
      Any form of physical exercise is better than nothing.
      Do try it and let me know how did it went.

      Stay healthy!

  3. Hi Dany,

    I use to do Tai Chi, I know its different from Yogilate, but I can tell you all these exercises described herein really do help. I done some Yogilates as well and I can tell you its a nice and relaxing way to stay healthy and really terrific for your head as well.

    I was looking at your Yogilates routine for weight loss and I more than think they are manageable for all to do. I may start to do something because some days I just don’t have the time to even go for a walk.

    Can you tell me Dany – are Yogilates Classes expensive?

    Someone told me once they use to take Yogilates Classes but stopped going because he could not stand all the horrible smells because of all the stretching = Puke.

    Anyways, ridiculously enough, that is my only concern – LOL!

    Thanks again Dany,

    – Philip

    1. Hi Philip,

      Indeed, yogilates is suitable for all levels and it’s not hard to get into it. I would advice to still consider the 30 minutes daily walk.
      The classes are not expansive if you compare with a yoga or Pilates class. The price is the same, but depends on the studio, location, big or small city.

      Hahaha, horrible smell. There is no such thing 🙂 We know that yoga relaxes muscles, so I imagine it was about that smell, if you know what I mean 🙂

      Thank you and do let me know if you start taking yogilates classes and what are your thoughts.

      Stay healthy!

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