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BoHo Beautiful in 10 Days review

Boho Beautiful In 10 Days Review

Have you ever tried at least one of their classes? Are you wondering how they are? OK, let’s see together. I have to admit, BoHo Beautiful is my favorite channel when it’s about yoga and Pilates. I discover their YouTube channel 3 years back and since then I’m addicted to their classes. I was practicing […]

2 in 1 - yogilates and weight-loss

Yogilates And Weight Loss – 2 in 1 practice

There are so many workouts, diets and techniques to lose weight that sometimes you cannot keep counting. Each method works different for us, but from my experience the best results I got with healthy food and physical exercises. Not recently, but not to far, I’ve heard about yogilates and weight loss combination. Maybe you will […]

Pilates weight loss plan

Pilates Weight Loss Plan with visible results

Pilates is one of the training methods which I use and like. Pilates is a training method created by Joseph Pilates. The essence of the exercises is the gradual increase in their degree of difficulty. As such, the effort resistance of each person is respected effort without imposing an alert rhythm. You will gain good […]

Pilates Reformer review

Pilates with Reformer review

You have probably already heard of Pilates exercises and their benefits on the body. However, the principles of Pilates technique are not just exercise, but also concentration, relaxation and, most importantly, breathing. Before you get started with Pilates you have to learn to breathe properly. Every movement involves a certain type of breath, whether we […]


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