Pilates Reformer review

Pilates with Reformer review

You have probably already heard of Pilates exercises and their benefits on the body. However, the principles of Pilates technique are not just exercise, but also concentration, relaxation and, most importantly, breathing.

Before you get started with Pilates you have to learn to breathe properly. Every movement involves a certain type of breath, whether we are deeply inspired, expired quickly and powerfully, or very slowly, for total relaxation of the muscles.

You may wonder, however, why breathing is so important, especially since there is little talk about it, generally focusing on the exercises itself.

Well, correct breathing helps you to accomplish your plan, more precisely, to oxygenate your body as it should, to eliminate tension in your body and relax.

Deep breathing rejuvenates your body, while providing vitality and helping to unleash internal energies.

Combining exercise with a correct breath and a lot of concentration, you will notice the results faster than by any other method.

And no, I do not mean here to lose weight, but to your general condition, muscle tone and the way you feel right after a Pilates exercise session.

Pilates for health

Pilates is among the most classical exercise choices, beneficial to both the body and the mind.

Pilates is a physical exercise program based on strengthening the trunk rather than strengthening the limbs. It is a program of exercises that help increase the level of flexibility and strength of the body muscles.

The Pilates was invented in the early 1900s by the German Joseph Pilates. Considering his childhood of asthma and rickets, he became very interested in exercise to strengthen his body.

He developed a system of exercises he called “contrology”, which worked very well, so he started to implement athletes and athletes, and then the Pilates phenomenon spread all over the world.

Finally, Pilates has become the most loved training of the majority of the population, due to the effects it has on the body.

Pilates benefits for your health

1. Provides the body, especially the brain, a state of good mood and relaxation.

Pilates is a form of meditation that gives you the right to get rid of the burden of problems and focus on your body at the moment.

2. Helps prevent body imbalances.

3. Your body will be much more coordinated and harmonized.

Pilates improves the way your body focuses in space. At the same time, it helps to create harmony between your breathing pace and your body movements.

4. Reduces pressure in the spine.Pilateswith Reformer body balance

Pilates can help you get rid of or prevent back pain. If you are already suffering from these symptoms, the Pilates system can help you make them easier.

5. Helps improve posture.

By practicing Pilates you can learn to adopt a correct posture regardless of the situation you are in, whether you spend most of your time in front of your computer, whether your free time is limited.

6. Your muscles are trained as a whole, avoiding overloading a single part.

During a single exercise, you can get a flat abdomen and a well-worked back, provided it is properly practiced.

7. Contributes to the flexibility and mobility of the body.

You learn to move freely without overworking your back muscles!

8. You will learn how to breathe properly.

Oxygen must reach every part of the body, especially at the backbone. Try after a Pilates session to make a parallel between how you breathe before and when the Pilates instructor teaches you.

9. Strengthens the pelvic muscles.

In particular, Pilates exercises become a major aid when women suffer from weakening of pelvic muscles, especially after birth, menopause or possibly surgery.

10. If you are dreaming about a flat abdomen, Pilates exercises can help you get it.

How to choose the perfect outfit

Each sport has its own personalised equipment to give you a maximum comfort while exercising.

Let’s see what options do we have for best Pilates exercise equipment.

When I start practicing physical exercises, I was not looking for specific equipment. I’ve practiced aerobic, Pilates, tae-bo and yoga. I used to wear same shoes, comfortable pants and top.

Nowadays, the designers are coming with different outfits for each type of sport and it’s like a competition between them.

New colors and models, including the new technologies to give more efficiency with your workout.

Believe it or not, the clothes you are wearing at your workout can make you feel good or bad after you did some type of exercises.Pilates with Reformer outfit

There are many synthetic materials which leaves the skin to breathe by removing the sweat from it, evaporating rapidly and thus keeping the body at an optimal temperature.

Clothing made from fabrics containing polypropylene or fabrics such as Coolmax and Supplex are a good choice when they are used in activities where you tend to sweat more because they allow sweat to evaporate without clothing remaining wet or make you feel sweaty and uncomfortable.

Cotton trousers or t-shirts absorb sweat, do not remove it, and does not help in quick evaporation. That’s why cotton clothes are heavy and wet when doing exercises.

Avoid wearing an equipment made of synthetic fibers that does not help evaporate sweat and increase body temperature when doing exercises.

You should wear clothes that are comfortable in general, tailored in such a way to give you freedom of movement.

For activities like Pilates, it would be okay to wear stretch pants made of cotton.


The basics of safety when practicing Pilates are as follows:

1. Warm up first

2. Build up each exercise slowly and systematically

3. Take new exercises one step at a time

4. If possible, exercise in front of a mirror to check positions

5. Avoid exercise after a heavy meal

6. Drink water before and after every session

Pilates with Reformer

Probably there is no other Pilates machine most known as Reformer.

Have you tried the machine before? If yes, you probably know the power of it, if no, let me tell you some advantages:

Exercises performed with Reformer increase muscle strength, elasticity, coordination, static and dynamic balance.

All this leads to benefits that you will know in the long term, both physically and mentally.

Strong improvements in posture, gracefulness, efficiency.

The disappearance or attenuation of pain associated with physical imbalances, such as lumbar pain, cervical, or joints.

Speaking about muscle building, in Pilates, small muscles, stabilizers are as important as large muscle groups. All these muscles are working on the Reformer so that they provide stability and support to the entire bone apparatus.

Strong abdomen, strong back, buttocks and toned thighs are all the results of this device. Of course there are exercises and appliances that also work these areas, but the Reformer creates a unique environment for a huge variety of exercises.

And the correct anatomical positions from which these exercises are carried out, they bring fundamental transformations into body dynamics.

The Reformer is a device large enough to accommodate exercises that require extensive movements, making it ideal for increasing flexibility, while the muscles work on elongation.

The pushing and pulling of legs and arms made in a balanced way by the counterweight of their own body, offers a long and organised construction of all muscle groups.

The Reformer can be used by anyone, at any age and with any physical training. Reformer means “universal reformer”.

An immediate benefit of this device is the control you gain over your body immediately after the first session. Balance improves and coordination of body segments decreases considerably after training with Reformer.

Ready to practice?

Now you have all the information available about Pilates benefits for health, what outfits do you need to practice, safety and of course the Reformer.

The only remaining thing is you to start practicing.

If you like Pilates and practiced before or not, I would recommend you to read ‘Easy Pilates exercises for beginners‘ article.

I hope you enjoyed the article and if you like to leave a comment or your personal review, please use the comments section.

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  1. This article is both informative and friendly too so now I know more about the Pilates practice. It seems like a very good way to work out and get in shape and I guess it’s as good as yoga. The only question I have is do you have to buy your own Reformer? I didn’t see if the Reformer is required or just recommended. Thanks again for the good information.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you find it informative. Yes, it’s as good as yoga, which I’m practicing for several years. Combining both, I can see very good results and benefits.
      If you practice Pilates as home, yes you need one, otherwise Pilates studios should have.

      Stay healthy!

  2. Hi!

    Never heard of Reformer. Even the name of the machine sounds good, I bet the workout on it is even better! Very nice article about pilates. I like your note on safety as well. I warm up every time before I start the exercise, even before stretching.

    1. Hi Ivan,

      Actually the machine is very old, if I can say. Yes, the workout is really good and it will guide you to perform the exercises to target the specific area.
      Warm up is mandatory for all kind of workouts.
      I’m glad that you liked the article and thank you for your comment.

      Stay healthy!

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