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Ultimate Juicing and Smoothies Recipes Review

Product: Ultimate Juicing & Smoothie Recipes & TipsUltimate juicing and smoothie recipes

Cheapest Place to Buy: juicing-secrets.com

Type of diet: Juices and Smoothies

Guarantee: 60 Days Full Money Back

Creator: Bob Hannum

Overall rating: 10 of 10

Ultimate Juices and Smoothies Recipes, The Product

The juicing concept is not new. The juice is obtained with a classic juicer or with a cold press juicer. The quantity of juice obtained depends on the selected juicer.

In this review, we will look at whether Ultimate Juicing & Smoothie Recipes & Tips can deliver on its promise.

The Face behind the Ultimate Juices and Smoothie Recipes?

Bob Hannum was chosen by About.com to be their ‘Juicing Expert‘ a position he held for 2 years. Bob creates a fresh juice or smoothie every day with recipes that help keep his wife’s breast cancer in remission.

Juices and Smoothie Overview

The book provides over 275 recipes which will help you in weight loss, anti-aging, more energy, fighting diseases as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, insomnia, motion sickness, arthritis, memory decline, poor eyesight and many more.

The book has doctor reviews and recommendations, no added sweeteners.

In the book you will find recipes to create your juices and smoothies and you will notice the results on healing your diseases.

The Juicing Expert provides recipes and tips for beginners in juicing as well as for advance user of juicing.


“-Fight diseases naturally – high blood pressure, asthma, cancer, diabetes, calcium deficiency, depression, insomnia, enlarged prostate, halitosis, arthritis, skin problems, digestive issues, and many more.

-Boosting your energyUltimate juicing and smoothie recipes

-Lose weight

-Delay the effects of aging

-Improve your eye sight

-Boost memory

-Improve sex

-Recipes for your blood type

-Recipes your children will prefer over sugary drinks

-And so much more!”

This is the 6th edition and the book is permanently updated. As promise, the recipes are based on scientific research with no added sweeteners or sugar, only the sweetness and power of fruits and vegetables.

The book will provide information about the best juices machines and blenders, reviews and comparison of different brands are also included.

The book has 29 chapters and 250 pages. You will find information about the sources used and also research information.

Bonus Material

Bonus #1 Juicing Secrets for More Energy

  • What nutrients really boost energy naturally
  • How to maintain energy all day without caffeine and added sweeteners
  • What vegetables and fruits have the highest concentrations of energy-boosting nutrients

Bonus # 2 Juicing Secrets to Fight the Effects of Aging

  • What fruits and veggies contain the most anti-aging nutrients
  • What combinations of these fruits and veggies create the tastiest juices to help fight the effects of aging
  • The fascinating research behind new-found nutrients linked to longevity

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Where to buy

You need to go to their official website to buy. There really is nothing to lose as it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee which gets you plenty of time to decide if it is working or not.

Reasons to Buy the Book

1. You will get more nutrients by juicing compare with supplements or bottled juices.

2. The recipes are created based on nutritional research and fight against diseases.

3. The book is regularly updated, the current version is the 6th.

Money Back Guarantee

You will get a full refund within 60 days if you are not satisfied and you can keep the book and bonuses.

Recommended by others

Here are some reviews from the ones who bought it.

Review #1

“This is the most comprehensive guide available today for the juicing and smoothie beginner or expert!

Over 275 recipes based on the latest research to fight disease, improve sex, boost memory, delay aging and so much more. You’ll discover the power of fresh juice and smoothies with recipes proven to help heal your illnesses. About.com’s ‘Juicing Expert’ presents recipes plus the latest tips and tricks.

You’ll learn to:

-Fight diseases naturally – high blood pressure, asthma, cancer, diabetes, calcium

deficiency, depression, insomnia, prostate, bad breath, arthritis, skin problems, digestive issues, and many more.

-Boosting your energy

-Lose weight

-Delay the effects of aging

-Improve your eye sight

-Boost memory

-Improve sex

-Recipes for your blood type

-Recipes your children will prefer over sugary drinks

-And so much more!

This 6th edition is an update of the authors popular “Ultimate Juicing Recipes & Tips.” What I really appreciate is that these recipes do not need any added sweeteners.

The author also presents contributions from experts on unique subjects not found in any other juicing or smoothie book.

It’s endorsed by 2 unsolicited physicians including Dr. Jeanette Carpenter, MD (Medical Director of Carpenter Health and Wellness in Richmond, VA) who says, “As a physician, I encourage my patients to eat more fruits and vegetables because of the essential nutrients and phytochemicals they provide.

Juicing is one of the best ways to ingest a large amount of fruits and vegetables and this book is packed with great recipes. Fruits and vegetables also have healing power on their own and this e book provides a great resource for juicing recipes for almost any ailment. This is such a great – affordable – book.”

Here is just some of the outstanding and in many cases unique content:

-avoiding the dangers of juicing ans smoothies

-doing it on a budget

-foraging for ‘super food’ greens in your own back yard

-pro-biotic recipes for digestive ailments

-using succulents and cacti

-why it’s so important to start juicing for your kids

-the newest and most effective cleansing recipes

-best machines

-and more.

You’ll also learn:

-22 top tips and tricks

-the top 10 disease-fighting herbs and spices you can add to any recipe

-best recipes for weight-loss

-the 12 most chemically laden commercially grown fruits and vegetables that you MUST buy organic

-nutrients in fresh fruits and veggies that you can’t find in the best supplements or bottled juices

-best cleansing recipes

-perfect fasting recipes to avoid fasting dangers

-why a fresh juice or smoothie is more nutritious than raw food

-why a fresh juice or smoothie is better than nutritional supplements

-the dangers of commercial juice

-10 tips to insure the highest nutrient content

-and much more.

Easy, tasty, and tested recipes plus important tips and tricks to save time and money. Quickly find special fruits and vegetables that target your health concerns.

You’ll learn that juices and smoothies are the most convenient way to get all the minimum daily requirements of fruits and vegetables for optimal health. Never pay for another expensive nutritional supplement ever again – get all you need and more with special juice recipes!

You’ll even learn about the best juice machines.

It’s thorough and complete, and comes with unlimited personal support from the author at no extra charge! Highly recommended – this is an incredible resource at an incredibly low price.


Review #2

“Want to instantly feel healthier?

I’m tired of juice and smoothie recipes all over the web that claim to help with this illness or that ailment without any science to back up the claim.

Everybody’s an expert and most of the information is erroneous. I just want simple and delicious recipes with benefits that are proven from someone who really knows what they’re talking about.

After reading this eBook through twice, I decided to write a review, because finally i found just what I’ve been looking for years!

Here it is, ‘Ultimate Juicing & Smoothie Recipes & Tips.’

It’s an eBook with lots of great recipes for just about every health concern you can think of and all backed by scientific studies that the author cites so you can check it out for yourself.

Plus all the latest tips and tricks for making the best juices and smoothies – how to avoid dangers, just how toxic are those compounds in certain seeds and sprouts and greens, how to keep mold off your fruit, finding greens in your own back yard and much more.

There is so much helpful info here!

Plus some very entertaining and off-beat topics I’ve never heard mentioned in any juicing or smoothie resource such as recipes for your blood type, recipes for better sex and probiotic recipes.

There are great recipes for boosting energy, delaying the aging process, losing weight, increasing your memory…this is just the best book I’ve ever seen on this subject. Everything a beginner or expert could ever want.

I surfed the internet for a long time trying to find the information that is covered in this eBook.

I would go to the link quickly though. I think that this price plus the bonuses is not going to last long.



Credibility: Bob Hannum was the Juicing Expert for About.com for 2 years.

Anyone Can Do It: You do not need to follow training or in person classrooms, you need only a good blender and juicer to create the healthy recipes.

It Works: The reviews and experts are recommended it. No supplements to fight against diseases and improve your health.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee You have 60 days to figure out if the recipes are working for you or not.

The Bottom Line

This book is easy and simple. I like the idea of creating juices and smoothie as natural cure for our bodies and diseases.

The book cover all the basic steps how to get into the juicing world. Searching on internet after free recipes, without a legit source and research, it’s not always the best solution.

The book will teach you how to combine vegetables and fruits that will give you the best results for your health.

With the help of this book, you will juice like an expert and the book is a good reference. If you are looking for diversity in juicing and smoothie, you will get good ideas and inspiration with the book.

This book is a well researched collection of good recipes.

The price is a no brainer, it’s affordable and the information provided is valuable.

To learn more about juicing, check out my posts:

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To start preparing juice and smoothie recipes click the link below.

As always, your feedback and comments are welcome. Just leave a comment below and feel free to follow me and share this link and my many other posts on the list of icons below.

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  1. Hi Dany,

    Great article. I have heard of juicing as the method of actually detox your body. Have never tried it though, but I will give it a go. Have you tried it yourself and what kind of results did you achieve? Thanks.


    1. Thank you for your comment, Eugen.
      I never used juicing for detox. I also have headed that it’s good for your body.
      I only use juices and smoothie for weight loss and body health.

      Stay healthy!

  2. Working the hours I do, I’m always tired and always searching for some way to get more energy without downing a Red Bull, because those things do NOT give you wings.

    I’ll definitely be giving this a shot for the next few weeks and hopefully I won’t come home from work like a Zombie!

    1. Hahaha. Nice comment about Red Bull 🙂 Never tried it, so I cannot contradict you.
      Do give it a try and let me know about your results.
      Thank you for your comment.

      Stay healthy!

  3. Hi Dany,
    Amazing review! Lots of great information on your site. I have heard about ” Ultimate Juicing & Smoothie Recipes & Tips” but I had never really seen an explanation of what it was. Now, I have seen the detail description of what it is. I feel more prepared to buy it.

    Thank for sharing.

    1. Hi Maun,

      Thank you for your comment and I’m glad you find it useful. I juice every day and I can see very good results in regard with my health.

      Stay healthy!

  4. Been looking for a good juicing recipe book for quite some time now. However, I have a question for you. Do you happen to have any good recipes for depression? I have had problems with depression over the years.

    1. I do hope you will use the recipes from the book. Recipes I do not, but I can recommend camomile tea and using essential oils, like lavender. Use 2-3 drops on your pillow. Or massage your feet with same 2-3 drop of lavender oil placed in your hands.
      Thank you for your comment.

      Stay healthy!

  5. Great article! Is juicing recommended for mother’s who may be breastfeeding?

    1. Thanks, Vanessa.
      I did it when I was breastfeeding and didn’t have any problems nor the baby. But we are unique, for some it’s working, for some not.
      You can try and let me know.

      Stay healthy!

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