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3 Trendy bath detox recipes

Bath Detox Recipes

I just arrived home after a long day in the office. The time spent in traffic and the pouring rain just drain off all the remaining energy. All I want to do is to soak my body in a bathtub and relax. I know that the bath will also help me to detox my body […]

10 best alkaline foods

10 Best Alkaline Foods

The principle on which the alkaline food is based is that certain foods produce acidity in the body through the residual elements left after digestion. The negative health effects of acids can be reduced by limiting the consumption of foods that cause acidity and by increasing the consumption of foods that alkalize the body. To […]

Benefits alkalizing your body

Benefits Alkalizing Your Body

One important aspect that many of us do not know is that a diet rich in acidic foods creates an environment favorable to the development of infections. The most important aspect is that eating a too acidic diet (that is, one that contains many foods of acidic nature compared to alkaline foods) can cause digestive […]

Easy 15 day detox diet plan

Easy 15 Day Detox Diet Plan

I was talking about detoxifying in a recent article, but wouldn’t you be interested in a 15-day detox diet plan? If your answer is YES, let’s dive in. As you probably know, a big proportion of modern food includes refined and processed aliments. If you noticed a few extra kilos, getting cold easily, intestinal disturbances, […]


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