Use the power of cold pressed oils for your health

Cold Pressed Oils – For Your Health

Have you noticed that the oil sold in supermarkets is very fluid and has a very light color? This is because that oil is processed and treated with chemicals.

On the top of, it contains water. How many times have you fried and noticed the oil ‘jumping’ out of the pan?

If the oil is not processed, it will not be so cheap.

But what about the cold pressed oils? Are they any good?

Let’s see together.

What Is The Cold Pressed Oil?

Cold pressed oil is that oil which has been obtained by using an oil production technology involving the use of a reduced thermal regime.

When using a higher temperature in the pressing process, this will help fluidity the oil and get more raw materials of the same amount, so a better yield.

Instead, under the action of heat, the aroma and color of the oil will be degraded, accompanied by a decrease in their nutritional value.

Cold pressed olive oil is one of the few cooking oils
Cold pressed olive oil is also called “liquid gold”

For this reason, cold pressed oil tends to be more expensive than commercial customary oil (which, in addition to pressing, can be extra extracted with hydrocarbons followed by various refining processes: discoloration, deodorization etc. to be made according to consumption).

Although cold pressed oil is more expensive, it is also of superior quality.

To obtain the oil, the raw material (nuts, seeds, fruits, etc.) is transformed into a paste.

The paste goes through a stirring process by slow shaking, which encourages the oil to assemble. To extract the oil, the pressure is applied to the paste, forcing the oil to be removed from it.

In case of hot pressing, the heating of the paste will change the viscosity of the oil and a better flow of it, which will increase the oil production.

Some manufacturers mix the paste with hot water or heat the paste before pressing.

Cold pressed oil (so-called extra virgin) is obtained only from the first pressing of the paste. After the oil has been produced, it is filtered from impurities and then bottled.

Cold pressed oil has a superior flavor, when the oil is used to be heated for cooking, you should be more concerned about the smoke point of the oil you are using.

Usually, the smoke point is even higher if the oil is more refined (it has fewer substances to burn).

Oils that have a high content of saturated or monounsaturated fatty acids are the most stable if they are heated.

Most cold-pressed oils do not withstand heat, so they should not be used for cooking at all. In addition, all their benefits will disappear since the delicate taste and specific flavor will disappear.

Traditionally, oil is extracted from oil seeds: soy, sunflower and other sources such as olives and corn.

Benefits Of Cold Pressed Oil

  • It has a powerful antioxidant effect – prevents cellular aging, stimulates the immune system and ensures normal nerve development.
  • Due to the high content of lecithin, it helps tone the nervous system, and polyunsaturated fatty acids are beneficial for lowering cholesterol.
  • It also contains other substances with anti-infectious and regenerative effects.
  • Cold pressed sunflower oil has a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids that help lower cholesterol by “dissolving” fats from the arteries.
  • It is also indicated for the sensitive skin of newborns.
  • The usefulness of sunflower oil is also found in cosmetics, being a very good helper: it has a protective role, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic role. Your skin will be hydrated and protected from free rashes. It is extremely useful after hair removal because it prevents redness and protects the skin against the appearance of folliculitis.
  • Sunflower oil is used as a detoxifying agent.
  • It is the famous oil pulling with sunflower oil used as a remedy against gingivitis, mouth disease, for a good intestinal transit, treating various diseases of the airways and increasing the immunity.

Cold Pressed Hemp Oil

Hemp oil and hemp seeds are considered to be some of the healthiest foods in the world due to their high content of essential fatty acids.

Cold pressed hemp seed oil offers the ideal balance of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids in the perfect 3:1 ratio recommended by doctors and nutritionists, being the only edible vegetable oil containing gamma-linolenic acid and having the highest content of polyunsaturated fats (good fats) of all vegetable oils.

Nutritionists recommend eating one to two tablespoons of hemp oil every day because they provide the body with about 6 grams of omega-3 fatty acids and between 8 and 16 grams of omega-6 fatty acids.

Cold pressed hemp oil is recommended to be used in a raw condition and is not recommended for roasting, because once temperatures reach over 49 degrees Celsius, cold-pressed hemp oil loses its flavor and nutritional benefits.

Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil

Cold-pressed sunflower oil is very rich in vitamin E and is considered an important source of protection for the arteries and the heart.

It has a strong antioxidant effect, prevents cellular aging, stimulates the immune system and ensures normal nerve development.

Cold pressed sunflower oil also has a high content of lecithin, which helps to tone up the nervous system, vitamins A, E and F, polyunsaturated fatty acids for lowering cholesterol, and other substances with anti-infectious and regenerative effects.

It has a strong antioxidant effect
Cold-pressed sunflower oil is very rich in vitamin E

Cold pressed sunflower oil is antioxidant, tonic, nutritious, regenerating, anti-infection and detoxifying. Sunflower oil also contains vitamin A that helps increase bone and teeth, prevent various infections, atherosclerosis, and hypertension.

I use cold pressed sunflower oil to do oil pulling. It cleans my teeth and keeps the gums healthy. I will detail the technique and benefits in a future post.

Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Cold pressed olive oil is also called “liquid gold” because of its beneficial properties for the body.

The therapeutic qualities of olive oil were first mentioned by Hippocrates, the parent of medicine.

The cold-pressed olive oil contains mainly monounsaturated fatty acids (omega-9). Nutritionists say that when omega-9 fatty acids are lacking in polyunsaturated fatty acids, they can take on their role, restoring fat balance in the body.

The benefits of olive oil are due both to the high content of both monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant substances.

Olive oil offers effective protection against heart disease, is well tolerated by the stomach and helps fight ulcer and gastritis.

Also, cold pressed olive oil significantly reduces cholesterol and the risk of breast and colon cancer.

Although it is not recommended roasting the food, cold pressed olive oil is one of the few cooking oils.

Having a 210 degrees Celsius burn point, substantially higher than the ideal frying temperature that is – 180 degrees Celsius, olive oil retains its nutritional value better than other oils.

Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

Cold pressed sesame oil is a very rich oil of vitamin E and complex B, which is extremely beneficial to skin health.

It also has a high content of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Cold pressed sesame oil has an important role in maintaining the blood calcium concentration consistently and is effective in the treatment of bone disorders.

Cold preesed sesame oil is extremely beneficial to skin health
Cold pressed sesame oil is a very rich oil of vitamin E and complex B

High levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids in sesame oil, as well as vitamin E, are effective antioxidants for the human body.

Sesame is also recommended for the treatment of insomnia or as a protein intake in various nutritional disorders.

Sesame seeds are rich in arginine, an amino acid which contributes to delaying the onset of tumors, help detoxify the liver and kidney and immune system.

Sesame oil cold pressed is also indicated in cases of aging of tissues in case of asthenia, insomnia rebel in respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, allergies, neuritis and polyneuritis, digestive disorders, constipation, colic, kidney stones, renal colic, gout and cardiac arrhythmia.

Cold Pressed Almond Oil

Cold pressed almond oil contains 24% of linoleic acid is essential fatty acid and rich in minerals, proteins, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and E and unsaturated fatty acids.

In the case of internal use of almond oil, you will get many benefits such as improving of digestive functions.

Also, cold pressed almond oil reduces cholesterol, nourishes the brain and nervous system, reduces pain and muscle contractions, is a good helper in the treatment of gall bladder, in the treatment of gingivitis and cutaneous eruptions.

Cold pressed almond oil reduces cholesterol
Almond oil is rich in minerals, proteins, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and E

Used externally is a soothing and moisturizing action for irritated or dry skin, helping the skin to maintain its balance and hydration, being suitable for all skin types.

Since cold-pressed oils preserve the therapeutic properties of the plants from which they are extracted, they are a natural source of health.

Taking into account all these extraordinary benefits of cold-pressed oils, it’s worth bringing them into your daily diet along with a healthier and more balanced diet.

Final Thoughts

Oil processing is usually done at the temperatures that can reach 200 degrees Celsius, the method by which the maximum amount of oil is extracted from the seeds, but unfortunately, with this thermal treatment, a large part of the nutrients contained in the seeds are destroyed.

After the oil is extracted, it is processed, more precisely with chemical and hot steam cleaning.

On the opposite side, we find the cold pressed oil. As the name says it, is 100% natural: it was obtained without the use of chemicals or high temperatures, strictly by mechanical processes.

There are lots of benefits using cold pressed oil, giving your food more flavor.

I hope you like this article, if so, give it a LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT. Feel free to share it with whom you may think will benefit from it.

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  1. OmG I love cold pressed olive oil. Like you mentioned above , it has the best flavor. It’s bold yet delicate at the same time. I always use it when I make my home made salad dressings. People rave about it! Almond oil smells like heaven and I love using that as well in my skin care regimen. I like to rub it on any dry or cracked areas like my elbows or the heels of my feet. It’s one of the most natural and best smelling things you can wear to bed! Which sites would you recommend I purchase these oils? Any favorites?

    1. I agree with you Jennifer, the cold pressed oils are a must in any kitchen. I use the almond oil like night cream and also on the areas mentioned by you.
      I personally buy from local producers, but as a website to recommend, I will go for
      My favorites are sunflower oil (used for oil pulling), almond oil, sesame oil, avocado oil and of course olive oil. Which one is yours?

      Stay healthy!

  2. Great article about cold pressing and the benefits of buying the oils produced this way. We usually have to go with the heat processed oils due to the budget, but we do use cold pressed for making our own salad dressings. I am a big lover of the almond oil salad dressing my wife makes. I also use hemp oil added to my morning cup of coffee but may change that because I like my coffee steaming hot and no need to lose any of the nutritional value of the hemp oil.

    1. Thank you, Sanders, for your nice words. I absolutely love the food flavour using cold pressed oils.
      The hemp oil has many benefits and it’s known as protective aliment.

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