Easy pilates exercises for beginners

Easy pilates exercises for beginners – belly fat removal


If you do not have time to visit the gym, try these easy Pilates exercises for beginners.

The proper food and an active lifestyle are the ideal methods to keep you in shape, but if you want a dreamy silhouette or you want to get back, there are other methods as well.

The Pilates exercises were created by the germane Joseph Pilates. The exercises were created more than 90 years ago with scope to increase the flexibility and toning the muscles.

But the Pilates exercises could be use to get rid of the extra weight.

I am practicing the Pilates exercises for more than 10 years and apart from losing weight, I got a slim figure, tone muscles and flexibility.

What you need is a mat, a cozy place in your home and you to participate 🙂

Pilates exercises for beginners are usually simple, but they are the foundation for the next levels of difficulty.

A physical training should always progress at your own pace, otherwise you risk seriously injuring yourself.

Basic principles of Pilates

One of the most important principle is to focus on every movement and every breath, not just doing the exercises mechanically.

You can not really benefit from Pilates training unless you turn it into a mind-body sport.

Other principles are:

– Made the moves in a fluid way, obtaining a “flow” as harmonious as possible;

– Synchronize breathing with exercises and always take care to breathe properly, to do the exercises correctly;

– The rhythm is slow, with which you control absolutely every movement; the slower you move, the greater your effort and the exercise becomes more effective;

– Do not force your back, neck or shoulders, from the tendency to make exercises simpler. Use the main muscles to perform the exercises.

Advantages of Pilates exercises

Researches had revealed that Pilates exercises have the following advantages over the body:

– Improving the stability of the trunk;

– Improving posture and balance;

– Increase trunk flexibility;

– Preventing and treating back pain.

Warming up

In any exercise program, there is a form of warming up.

You need to put your blood on the move, before doing any effort.

Muscles have to be prepared for effort and do not jump over those few essential minutes in any workout.

Five minutes are enough to warm yourself up before you start exercising. Start with a few breathing exercises. Inhale and exhale deeply, trying to relax all muscles.

Basic moves

– Lay down on your back with your arms aside, you knees bend and leg apart, at the same distance as your hips;

– Inhale;

– Exhale and use your abdominal muscles to lift the basin;

– Inhale to return to the initial position;

– Exhale and push the basin back to the floor so that the spine is arched and the lower of the back is no longer in contact with it;

– Inhale and return to the base position.

Exercises for relaxing your arms

– from the basic position, inhale and stretch your hands above your head without touching the floor;

– exhale and lower your hands in the initial position;

During repetitions, the abdominal muscles are tight; the movement of the hands should not change the position of the body. it remains motionless during the exercise.

Knee lifting

– from the basic position, inhaled and with the help of the abdominal muscles, lift your right leg to the position where you feel comfortable;

– Exhale and return to the initial position;

– Repeat with your left foot;

Make sure the abdominal muscles are are tight. Do not use the help of your hands to raise your legs but you consciously work your abdomen.

Keep the basin anchored on the floor.

3 easy exercises for belly fat and toning

1. Rotating the foot in the air

This Pilates exercise is one of the best and simplest for strengthening abdominal muscles and eliminate belly fat.

Stand on your back, with your hands on the floor, and raise your right foot with your fingers outstretched.

Meanwhile, the left leg should remain stretched and glued to the floor.

If the position seems difficult, you can bend your left knee while keeping your left foot on the floor.

Rotate your right foot from the hip as wide as if you were drawing a circle on the ceiling.

Try to keep the rest of the body immobile by contraction of your abdominal muscles.

Make 6 large circles with your right foot in one direction, then rotate it 6 times in the other direction. Then repeat the exercise with your left foot.

2. Light extensions

Another exercise that helps you get rid of the belly, easy extensions have another advantage, they improve your body position.

Stand on your back with your knees raised and your feet at a 90-degree angle, the gambles parallel to the floor.

Put your hands behind your head and gently lift your head from the floor.

Just move the right leg out of the hip and keep the position for two seconds.The correct starting position involves contraction of the abdominal muscles.

While breathing, slightly lower your right foot, but do not touch the floor with the fingers.

Just move the right leg from the hip and keep the position for two seconds.

As you exhale, raise back the right leg and then repeat the motion with the right leg.

Repeat the exercise 12 times with each leg, once a day, to get the quickest effects.

3. Alternative knee motion

This exercise created by Joseph Pilates with excellent effect on burning fat on the abdomen can help you to sculpt your thighs.

Stand on your back with your hands behind your head and your elbows stretched out sideways.

As you inhale, lift your head and shoulders at the same time as you raise your right leg and bring your knee up to your chest.

The left leg can rise into the air, but it is important to keep it stretched.

While exhaling, keep high position of the head and shoulders, but turn it over to the left.

Then approach the left knee up to you chest while inhale and stretching your right leg.

Repeat the exercise 6 times for each leg.

How often to train

Train at least 3 times a week.

Ideally it would be 5 times or even every day, especially as a Pilates training does not exceed one hour.

The results will not be seen after a week, because Pilates does not mean to make the effort, but to balance yourself mentally and physically.

Calories consumed are not as many as in cardio exercises, but the muscles you get through stretches are more harmonious.

If you are targeting the perfect training, you must know that it is made up of cardio, stretches and strength exercises alike.

If you do only Pilates, your body will become more harmonious and even muscular, but do not expect your muscles to grow exaggerated, because that is not the purpose.

Final thoughts

With this 3 easy exercises you will get the flat belly. As I mentioned, the results will be visible in time, not next week.

In order to take full advantage of the Pilates exercises, it is important to adopt a balanced diet.

Since Pilates requires abdominal muscles the most, it is recommended that before starting the exercising, do not consume large amounts of food so that the stomach is relatively empty.

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