Running athletic shoes

Running athletic shoes – How to choose

As you may know, apart from Yoga and Pilates routines, I am also running and it’s normal to wear running athletic shoes.

First of all: what athletic means? Did you ever asked yourself? Athletic may refer to an athlete, a person which practice athletics.

What needs an athlete to complete his/her outfit? In case, you answer is running athletic shoes, you are so right.

Let’s see how to choose the running athletic shoes.

How to choose the perfect running athletic shoes

It’s so simple: using the common sense, except the medical cases along with a medical prescription.

Choosing the perfect shoes should not give you head aches each time you pay a visit to any shop which sells running shoes or navigating online.

Let’s take an example. When you buy a t-shirt, what are your buying criteria?

I assume you will answer: not too big nor too small, not too tight, specific fabric combination, adapt for indoor or outdoor activities and of course, you must like it.

When it’s about running athletic shoes, it’s not enough to try them and admire yourself in the mirror. In our case if you feel good with them, your run will be good.

A shoe that will correct forcibly leg joints during the 30 or 60 minutes of running will quickly turn into an enemy and you will be out of training for a couple of days.
Running shoes

Usually you walk naturally, as Mother Nature endowed you, but if you wear a pair of shoes which are forcing your leg joints, what results do you expect? Here you have it: sprains, inflammations, just to name a few.

So, by returning to the common sense, be honest with you and analyze how you feel in the shoes.

Close your eyes to increase the sensory sensation of your foot, and if something bothers you, no matter how little, continue searching for other brands or patterns without regretting.

Do not be stubborn because you like the color or the brand, in the end you are the only one suffering.

Beginner or advanced runner?

Beginner runners need different shoes than marathon runners.

Similarly, women need different shoes than men.

People with extra pounds will choose different shoes than those with fewer pounds.

And the deviations of the feet and legs, the running style and the foot width must be taken into account.

So, instead of choosing the first pair of low-priced shoes, better get competent help at a specialist store.

Where do you run?

In case, you run outdoor

Terrain / nature trails: You who run outdoor should choose shoes that give good grip and tolerate tough.
Running shoes outdoor

On roads and gravel paths: In case, you choose pavements or gravel paths, it is rather important that the shoes have good shock absorption and the right amount of stability and grip to your needs.

In case, you run indoor

Before buying a new pair of shoes, do an analysis of your exact step. In the shop, you run on the treadmill and a short sequence is recorded.

Running shoes indoor

An experienced salesperson will analyze how you run and position your body on a treadmill, ask questions about discomfort and running habits. In addition, he will measure the foot.

Select based on your foot structure

It is important that the running shoes have a proper shape and allow freedom of movement of the foot.

Therefore, between the thumb and the top of the shoe should remain a space of a finger.

It would be ideal to go shopping for shoes in the afternoon or evening, because feet swell during the day, become wider and thicker.

In case, you buy them in the morning, you may find yourself in the evenings too tight.

The pronation of the hollowed feet or splay feet during running is different from normal ones.

In the case of the hollowed foot, the bow is exaggerated, so that the foot is rigid when running, and the cushioning is insufficient.
Running shoes structure

Runners with such a conformation should choose shoes with good cushioning that take the load off the joint and foot.
Instead, in the cases of splay foot and those with serpentine foot, the heel is oriented inside.

When walking, this deviation can become problematic as it can lead to knee and hip disease.

In such cases, the pronation support is helpful, which stabilizes the legs inside and prevents slipping inside.
In the case of splay feet, there is not enough support from regular shoes, so please consider wearing orthopedic inserts.

Try the shoes before keeping

Many shops have the option to refund you in 30 days if you are not satisfied. Use this 30 days to evaluate your running shoes and by the end of the 30 days you will decide if you keep or return them.

I take advantage of this option when purchasing all my shopping, except food.

The price

Running is a sport that generally does not involve much spending.

You do not need expensive or exclusive equipment, but just a pair of shoes and the desire to move outdoors.

That’s why I would recommend not to save when it comes to running shoes.

The price of a good pair of shoes amounts to 100 EUR, plus-minus.

Take advantage of the end-of-season promotions offered by specialist stores or choose shoes last season, but no more than one year old, because although not used, the damping and the soles get tangled up and crack in time.

After a maximum of one year or after running 800-1200 km, even the best shoes give up and need to be replaced, because with the alteration of the material, the risk of injuries increases.

I personally use Reebok and Asics brands.

Running shoes with cushioning

In case, you have already participated in a marathon or semi-marathon, you know that after two hours of running, the shoes feel like pieces of concrete attached to the feet.

More and more experienced runners are heading for lightweight models that save on stability and cushioning but offer more flexibility and more natural movement.


These competitive models are not recommended for overweight persons because the lack of cushioning will feel on the joints and the increased effort of the muscles consumes more time than can save the reduced weight of the shoes.

Rapid, lightweight runners are recommended for these shoes, especially in competitions, although they wear out faster than ordinary ones.


So with all this in mind, the only thing that you have to do is go and buy a good pair of shoes following the points mentioned in the article.

Go out or inside and start running. Enjoy the nature and the fresh air or enjoy your playlist while running on a treadmill.

Let me know your experience.

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I believe in the power of nature, the power of the plants which were given to us. Hiking, running, yoga, Pilates and meditation are the tools which keep me in shape and provide a state of well-being.

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  1. Great article on what to look for in running shoes. Often times people get the wrong ones which do not last long due to wear and tear. Some great tips here. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I did the same mistake in choosing wrong running shoes and I was off the track for some days.
      I glad you like the post.

      Stay healthy!

  2. Hi Dany,
    I read your article, all opinions are novelty, specially “Try the shoes before keeping” haha. I never tried that way before. By the way, my home town have a lot of shoes factory, and I know exactly costs and quality of shoes. If you are interested, I will let you know. How to choose a pair comfortable shoes with a nice price always a question. Thank you for your sharing.

    1. Hi Raino,

      Thank you for your comment. At least where I live, the trying option is available.
      Yes, sure, if you can share the info, much appreciated. It’s always good to have more options to compare.

      You’re welcome.

      Stay healthy!

  3. Wow, this is such an amazing read. I always struggle in selecting shoes as I dont have much knowledge on technicalities of foot wear. This article is very useful. I haven’t read any article that much useful about foot wear.

    1. Thank you Sarah for you comment.
      I’m glad that I could help. I also had head aches when I’ve purchased my first pair of running shoes.
      You are very welcome.

      Stay healthy!

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