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Best running shoes 2018

Best running shoes 2018

How to choose your running shoes is a subject which I have touched in my article “Running athletic shoes – how to choose”. Today I will share with you the best running shoes 2018. First of all when you choose a new pair of running shoes you should ask yourself a couple of questions: 1. […]

9 weeks and ready for 5k running plan for beginners

5k running plan for beginners in 9 weeks

If I’m gonna tell you that you will run 5k after 9 weeks, will you believe me? I hope your answer is yes, because with this simple 5k running plan for beginners which I’ll share with you, you will be amazed by yourself. What is about all this running? As I share with you in […]

Running techniques for beginners

Running techniques for beginners in 3 steps

Finally, spring is here, at the moment when I write this article. And when spring is here, the weather invites you to go out more often for a walk or a jog. If you want learning and enjoy the run please follow me in this article where I will share some running techniques for beginners. […]

Running athletic shoes

Running athletic shoes – How to choose

As you may know, apart from Yoga and Pilates routines, I am also running and it’s normal to wear running athletic shoes. First of all: what athletic means? Did you ever asked yourself? Athletic may refer to an athlete, a person which practice athletics. What needs an athlete to complete his/her outfit? In case, you […]


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