Best running shoes 2018

Best running shoes 2018

How to choose your running shoes is a subject which I have touched in my article “Running athletic shoes – how to choose”. Today I will share with you the best running shoes 2018.

First of all when you choose a new pair of running shoes you should ask yourself a couple of questions:

1. What’s the goal? Am I running to keep in shape, for losing weight or for a marathon?

2. How often I will run?

3. What distance I will run?

4. On which surface I will run? Inside, outside, mountains, flat terrain?

5. How much I will invest in a new pair of shoes?

Buyers guide

Now that you have the answers of your previous questions, let’s see the buyer guide.

1. Model/label

Asics, Nike, Reebok, Puma, New Balance, Ecco, Salomon, La Sportia and so on. Hard to decide when you have such a variety, right?

I think you should try and see what is comfortable for you.

2. Real shop or online

I like to go in a shop and try them. I can see the live color, try in the shop, compare with other models. But in the shops the stock is limited in regards with color, size, model and sometimes price which could be higher than online.

What I do sometimes is go in a shop, try and if the price is lower online, I order online.

There are advantages when buying from a store like returning policy, store promotions.

You should pay attention when buying online at aspects like returning cost policy, size, time and delivery place, customer service, warranty.

3. Size

I usually buy shoes with one size bigger then I wear, because the foot extends during running.

If you run outside in the winter, it’s better to buy the shoes with 1 and half number bigger then usually you are wearing to leave some space for thicker shocks.

4. Material

A small classification here: thin material, breathable for summer, thick material for mountain, trail and waterproof for winter, in case you run outside in this time of the year.

5. Outsole

Again, depends on the scope of your running. If you run on normal pavement, the shoes with think outsole are recommended.

If you run in a competition, the outsole should be thinker.

The trail shoes have crampons. Choosing trail shoes is a bot complicated, but I will not touch this subject here.

6. Weight

The normal workout shoes have 300 grams and the competitions ones around 200 – 250 grams.

7. Pronation

I will not into details here, more about pronation you find in my article “Running athletic shoes – how to choose”.

If you neglect this aspect, most probably you will have problems and injuries with knees and ankles.

The pronation test is very easy: run bear foot and check the footprint. For complicated cases, better consult an orthopedist and prescribe special customized insoles.

8. Comfort

When you wear the shoes you should not feel them. You should feel comfortable in terms of size, weight, sole, exterior and interior material, internal stitches and you should not feel any pain at your fingers after a simple run, especially, the big toe.

9. Budget

When it’s about budget, a good pair of shoes should cost around 200. Don’t miss special offers when new models are released and the old model are on discounts.

Tip: special offers are given to very big sizes, like 45, 46 for men and 39, 40 for women.

10. Number of kilometers

It’s recommended to run 2 consecutive days with the same pair of shoes. In this way the shoes will take the form of your feet and the inside gel to get the optimal form.

Now depends what type of runner are you, but usually a pair should last 600 km. How often you change depends on how long it takes to run 600 km.

With the buyers guide in your hand, let’s go an see the best running shoes. Ready?

Nike Free RN 2018

Many would like to have low weight and tight fit, but at the same time a little more support than the thin and stripped models that dominated in recent years.

This has Nike snapped up and launched Free Run Distance. Just as the name suggests, the Free Model’s ease combined with a more built-up sole that will carry the rider longer distances.

With Free Run Distance you will come farther, but with the same speed and sense of freedom.

These shoes are light and comfortable. They are available in different color and sizes.

The upper material has spandex which will give you more comfort.

Being so light, you will find it easy to fit in your bag pack or gym bag.

This model has a wide strap to give your heel in a more support.

The name Free gave Nike’s shoe series (first model came 2004) to emphasize how well the shoes facilitate the natural running step.

Free would give the foot the opportunity to be strengthened and become more flexible, just about when shooting footprints.

The sense of freedom was the carrying idea and something that got many to get stuck on the Free Shoes.

But many use them as training shoes instead of running shoes. Common to them is that they are shoes with higher braces, greater build and more support.

There, Free Run Distance comes into the picture. The shoe has the Free Series low drop (8 millimetres), absence of heel cap, tight upper and flexible hexagon-patterned sole but with a more stable and harder core, taken from the Lunare models. And it feels.

The shoes give a broader impression than previous Free models. Not in the hand but on the foot.

The fit is perfect and can only be compared to a sock, which almost makes it difficult to wear shoes properly.

It is particularly soft on the heel, which is an effect of the mesh that dominates the back.

The ventilation is needed, the shoe is so close to the foot that your feet get warm easily if you do not have thin sock.

Size: different size available

Color: Black/White, Wolf Grey/White/Volt, White/Black, Team Royal/White/Photo Blue, Thunder Blue/Gunsmoke Grey, Wolf Grey/White-white-volt

Ventilation: 8 of 10

Support: 7 of 10

Comfort: 8 of 10

Design: 10 of 10

Pros: lightweight and comfortable, upper material breathable, heel wide strap

Cons: support can be improved

Overall ranking: 8.2

Adidas Energy Boost

Energy Boost is a running shoe that fits perfectly for you who give great importance to a high cushioning and tight fit.

The shoe is tight around the front foot, the middle and the heel.

The shoes are flexible and bouncing. The cushioning is very good which makes the shoes feel great to run in.

The model is slightly lower cut around the ankle than other running shoes, but it makes it neither less stable nor comfortable. Everyone who has started in Boost attenuation earlier knows that they get a cushioning beyond the usual.

The shoe has a good grip and gives a stable feeling when I run. Of course, stability could have been better if shoe had been wider, but for those looking for a neutral running shoe this is a great option.

The knitted upper part is nice, ventilating and keeps your feet both cool and dry throughout your run.

This shoe works equally well on shorter running like longer distances. If you have a neutral stride, no doubt, try Energy Boost.

Size: different sizes available

Color: different colours available

Ventilation: 8 of 10

Support: 7 of 10

Comfort: 8 of 10

Design: 10 of 10

Pros: good grip,

Cons: stability can be improved

Overall ranking: 8.2

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34

A long, narrow running shoe which you usually get the best fit when it comes to Nike. It’s not the lightest running shoe on the market, but it’s also not as heavy with its 255 grams.

The textile part is made of cool mesh and the midsole is Nike’s own technology that gives a very easy feeling.

These running shoes are airy and comfortable from the first step. One big plus is that you could run into them at once without any traces of cuts.

I have to bring to your attention the plastic ring around the shoe that sits just above the middle sole (as Nike itself calls Flywire cables) and provides extra support and stability. It also helps keep the heel firmly in place.

The design is just amazing and you will feel just right in the running track as in everyday life. The narrower model on shoe gives a very flattering impression.

The shoes are designed for inside and outside running. These are not trail shoes, but it works perfectly well on easier terrain under dry conditions.

In these shoes you will never felt cold or hot after many running. In other words, they keep a comfortable temperature throughout the workout thanks to the ventilation in the upper part.

Size: different sizes available

Color: different colours available

Ventilation: 9 of 10

Support: 8 of 10

Comfort: 9 of 10

Design: 9 of 10

Pros: ventilation, comfort

Cons: –

Overall ranking: 8.7

Asics DynaFlyte 2

This is a classic running shoe from Asics, which is slightly wider in the forefoot than around the heel, which means you have plenty of room to move your toes.

They neither chafe nor need to “run in” without just driving as fast as you shoelace them.

The design is really great. A big plus has the stylish sole.

This model of Asics really delivered something new. It’s really comfortable on the foot and will meet all your requirements when it’s about a good pair of running shoes, like cushioning, support and comfort.

The support is just as good as on any Asic’s previous models, and anyone who has run before in Asics knows that the support is always on top of their shoes.

Great cushioning absorbs your heel impact, but still launches you forward into your next step.

Size: different sizes available

Color: different colours available

Ventilation: 9 of 10

Support: 8 of 10

Comfort: 9 of 10

Design: 9 of 10

Pros: cushioning, good support, comfort

Cons: be carful when you order the size

Overall ranking: 8.7

Adidas Ultra Boost Clima

Ultra Boost Clima is designed for those who really love to run when the temperature shoots up.

The upper is made of a sweat-proof material and has many and large ventilation holes.

The shoes are extremely cool and are perfect for the summer when it’s hot outside. In this model, you will never feel too hot, regardless of temperature.

The shoes may be a bit too cool if you run in too cold weather.

Thanks to the raised heel and a longer toe space, you are always ready to take the next step.

The shoes are suitable for those who run long distances and for those who like the same shoes for everyday or under walking.

The shoes go a little bit of herself because the foot tipping slightly forward. I have had pain in new places in my legs and feet, which really shows you get a different angle to your foot than when you wear slippers with a flat sole.

The model is slightly wider than the Adidas regular Ultra Boost, otherwise they are just like the classic model very true to size. If you are between two sizes, you should choose the larger one.

This is obviously a beautiful running shoes. The sock-like model sits like a glove on the foot without slipping down the foot. A brilliant choice for summer running.

Ventilation: 10 of 10

Support: 9 of 10

Comfort: 10 of 10

Design: 9 of 10

Pros: large ventilation holes, sweat prof material

Cons: –

Overall ranking: 9.5

Reebok Floatride Run Ultraknit

With its mere 250 grams, the idea behind Floatride Run ULTK is that you are going to fly in the track. Thanks to both cushioning and fit, Reebok has achieved that ambition.

Floatride Run is a very nice running shoe that is a hybrid between a sock and a regular shoe. They are slightly larger in size, but you can easily solve it with a thicker sock.

The outer sole is made of an extra durable rubber that provides a good grip regardless of the surface.The shoes also have an extra soft, inside sole with reinforced shaped arch that gives a comfortable feeling during the whole run.

The shoes maintain a good stability from a normal heel.

The shoe’s upper part is knitted in UltraKnit, giving a great fit and a comfort. Despite the compliant material, the entire shoe gives overall stability.

It also has a good bouncy cushioning that provides a comfortable stance during the running.

The design is very stylish, especially with the logo clearly visible on the design, on the sides of the shoes.

It’s a good mix between a running shoe and a more stylish variant.

Ventilation: 6 of 10

Support: 9 of 10

Comfort: 8 of 10

Design: 7 of 10

Pros: comfort and support

Cons: ventilation, design

Overall ranking: 7.5

Asics Noosa FF 2

It seems neither overly narrow nor wide, but very standard.

With 252 grams, shoes are placed in the lower weight range, although there are clearly easier shoes.

With the right size, the fit is very comfortable. They are so good that you can run in them without socks.

The inside is soft enough to allow running without socks. The mesh fabric in the upper part feels good to the foot while the heel is soft but still.

You can really feel the wind through the cap mesh. Do you plan to use these even during the cooler months of the year, there are hot socks that apply, but on the spring and summer it will be super nice

A neutral running shoe with good FlyteFoam that provides good cushioning. These shoes can safely lace up even to the long running.

Of course, you do not need to be a triathlete to appreciate the high comfort of this shoe, fine design and beautiful running feel.

The soft sock-like fit makes it very comfortable to run in, even without socks and long rounds.

With a 10mm stitching grip, it’s a stable shoe for everyday training as well as the slightly easier run.

The specially designed outer sole provided excellent grip on wet surfaces and the cushioning FlyteFoam gave a smooth and comfortable stance setting.

Everything is also packed in a stylish, stylish design!

Ventilation: 8 of 10

Support: 8 of 10

Comfort: 9 of 10

Design: 7 of 10

Pros: good grip

Cons: design

Overall ranking: 8

Adidas PureBOOST DPR

The shoe can look wide on the foot but it does not feel wide when you jump in it. Then it feels completely neutral, neither wide nor narrow.

They have a pleasant weight of 255 grams. Not ultra-light, but easy enough for it to be seen as a big plus!

Excellent fit. The fact that shoe fits so well on many kinds of feet depends on the stretchy fabric on the top of the foot, which perfectly conforms to the foot.

The fit creates the conditions for a high level of comfort. The cushioning is also worth a beat for.

The more energy you give the more you get back. This is obviously crucial for a running shoe, but it also makes the model very nice to walk in

The ventilation is just pleasant, the right temperature throughout the workout.

Just like the upper part conforms to the shape of your foot, the substructure and cushioning follows. It does not attempt to control you in any way or provide remarkable support for any kind of pronation.

The knitted upper part is soft but definitely not “too soft”. The inner sole is sustainable and the design on shoe both subtle and stylish makes the PureBOOST DPR a pair of nice shoes.

Ventilation: 7 of 10

Support: 9 of 10

Comfort: 8 of 10

Design: 8 of 10



Overall ranking: 8

Under Armour Hovr Sonic NC

Completely normal width to the narrow way, which can only be seen as positive. It gives a quick and smooth feeling.

At first sight, the shoe can look heavier than it actually is. Once on, it’s a super lightweight shoe that you will not feel when running.

It’s a pleasure to get a such nice fit feeling in these shoes. The fit is perfect. Neither squeezes nor feels clumsy. Even those who are wearing a bigger size will feel easy and smooth with these on their feet.

The comfort is get amazing.

Thread borne material not only looks good, it breathes incredibly well. Keep your foot cool for the whole run and feel fresh after the pass.

Absolutely normal stability in this shoe. If you have neutral walking, you do not need more or less from a pair of running shoes.

It’s hard to find something negative with these shoes. The sole feels good throughout the running.

The material on the shoe is stylish and functional.

The only possible minus is the crispy white color, it’s not the most practical color of a running shoes.

Ventilation: 10 of 10

Support: 10 of 10

Comfort: 10 of 10

Design: 9 of 10



Overall ranking: 9.5

Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged

Normal in width but it’s not the ultimate if you have a wide or narrow foot.

A wide foot can end up around the sole and there is a risk of a sore under your feet. A smaller foot does not get the same stability or comfort and risk slipping.

Lightweight shoes that provide a pleasant and comfortable running step.

The sock-like fit fits the foot instead of the opposite.

The comfort of the upper and cushioning in the sole makes it more than comfortable to run regardless of whether it is on a gravel or asphalt

In view of shoe materials you would think that it’ll be cool to run at cooler temperatures, but the shoe keep the heat splendidly. They also do not feel hot during a sweaty interval pass on the treadmill.

Surprisingly good stability given the sock construction.The shoe is sitting where it is going and the foot does not slip around in the shoe.

Probably summer’s most beautiful shoes? Given the shape of the sole, and the awesome ventilation, I think this will be a summer favorite.

The comfort is just amazing, which has a lot to do with how the shoe is shaped by the foot and it feels so easy.

It’s almost like running with a sock, but one that provides cushioning and support.

These shoes are a delight for the eye and make them excellent even for everyday life.

Ventilation: 10 of 10

Support: 9 of 10

Comfort: 9 of 10

Design: 10 of 10



Overall ranking: 9.5

Nike Zoom Fly

These shoes have a normal in width and if you do not have very wide feet, these are good.

Extremely lightweight shoes, easy to pack into the training bag.

They fit well on the foot and provide good support when running, which is nice for legs and knees.

The foot is well placed in shoe throughout the running. The shoes have a good grip on both the treadmill and the outdoors.

If you have the right size, they are perfect and somehow, the shoe is just more comfortable and stable the farther you run.

The only thing that draws down the score is that the shoe is constructed that it feels a little strange to walk in before you start running.

The fabric on the top of the shoe keeps you cool throughout the day and the ventilation is amazing. You will not feel that the foot is sweaty after a workout.

Soft and durable Lunarlon foam provides good cushioning. You get the support you need even for longer distances, this will last for several miles if you like to run long distance.

This is a running shoe that suits most people. I like and you will like that the inner sole can be replaced, so you can switch to another sole that suits you better.

The shoes are very structured and stable. They fit like a glove on the foot and provide great running experience.

The shoes are very ventilated and you will not feel sweaty during running. Plus, at the edge of the simple but stylish design that makes you feel good.

Ventilation: 9 of 10

Support: 8 of 10

Comfort: 9 of 10

Design: 10 of 10



Overall ranking: 9


Here you have it, 11 best running shoes.

Just follow the buyer’s guide, do a personal comparison and decide on the pair which you like.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about any of them or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

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