Easy vegan diet plan for weight loss

Easy vegan diet plan for weight loss – are you ready to follow?

You can lose weight in many ways and with different plans, but today I will share with you an easy vegan diet plan for weight loss.

I discover the raw vegan food around 5 year back. As I told you, I follow the Raw Chef courses and I was amazed by the varieties of recipes and benefits of eating a plant base diet.

As being the host of this website, I would like to give a brief description of vegan diet.

It’s a long debate with these styles, vegan, raw vegan, raw till 5. I am raw vegan, the food is vegan prepared, without animal products such as meat, eggs and dairy products.

In the cold season I eat 50% – 80% vegan and in the warm season 90% raw.

Many make the mistake to eat vegan “junk-food” like: fried vegan meat balls, hamburgers, fries, etc.

If you want to know more about relationship between chronic disease and meat consumption, and plant based diet I recommend “China Study” book by T. Colin Campbell.

What you should know when you consume a high percentage of raw food

  1. The consumption of a high percentage of fruits

The fruits contain a high level of sugar, namely fructose which liver translates as alcohol. The immunity system is weakened and we have a proper environment for losing the calcium from our bodies.

I remember when I was child how I was climbing the threes after fresh and ripe fruits. We were eating them unwashed and we never have had diseases.

The fruits form supermarket are very sweet, commercial aspect but they miss the childhood smell. Some of us are probably lucky to have grandparents which leave on a country side and we can still enjoy this pleasure.

The nutritionists are saying that if the fruits and vegetables are not consumed in 2 – 3 days from the date of harvesting, they lose nutrients. But if they are harvest when they are still green and then they get ripe are more dangerous for the body.

    2. Fruit juices

These juices should be combined with vegetables leaves.

The natural juices, only form fruits, without pulp have a high percentage of fructose which is 40 times sweetest than sugar.Vegan diet plan fruits

Choose only green juices obtained from a cold press juice as I mentioned in “Juicing recipes for weight loss” article

    3. Do not same every day same boring salad without taste

Do not consume a salad just for the sake of eating a salad and name yourself “raw vegan”. If you eat without enjoying, better not.

We must enjoy the diversity and colors of the food not only to consume it.

    4. Do not consume food without taste

The food should have taste and if you do not like something do not eat just because is healthy. The raw ingredients should be combined correctly and respect the 5 tastes.

Is it right for you?

If you like to consume fruits and vegetables I think the plan is right for you. The perspective of losing weight is very attractive but without changing your lifestyle and a balanced diet plan, this could be a short time solution.

The persons who suffer with different affections should consider the restrictions impose by the plan.

Easy vegan diet plan for one week and weight loss

Do not forget to drink 2 liters of green juice daily made from different vegetables and drink water.

You are allowed to have 2 “snacks”. Usually I have a nuts bar and a banana.


Breakfast: a green smoothieVegan plan weight loss salad

Lunch: salad of spinach, greens, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, beans spouts

Desert: a slice of raw vegan cake

Dinner: tomatoes soup


Breakfast: a bowl with oats, sun flowers seed, apples and cinnamon

Lunch: quinoa salad with tomatoes, mache, spinach, cucumber and chives

Desert: a slice of raw vegan cake

Dinner: Mediterranean salad


Vegan plan weight loss barBreakfast: chia seeds pudding

Lunch: cream beans soup

Desert: a slice of raw vegan cake

Dinner: vegetable balls


Breakfast: a green juice and oats

Lunch: quinoa gluten free pasta with vegetables

Desert: a slice of raw vegan cake

Dinner: a smoothie


Breakfast: chia pudding

Lunch: mix of cauliflower with celery, carrots and sprouts

Desert: raw vegan balls

Dinner: vegetables balls – carrots, broccoli and cabbage


Vegan plan weight loss green smoothieBreakfast: green smoothie

Lunch: fruits and vegetables with tomatoes, cucumber and avocado

Desert: apple with almonds

Dinner: gazpacho soup


Breakfast: green juice and oats

Lunch: stuffed pepper bell

Desert: fruit bar

Dinner: light salad

My experience with raw food diet in short

Following a fully raw diet was not good for me. I was dizzy, shaking all the time, feeling weak.

I return to vegan food which is more suited for me.

Apart from the plan described above, I take vitamin B12 daily.

Decide for yourself

Is the vegan diet for you? I do not know, you have to try it. Have patience with your body.

If you have an animal products diet, take it step by step.

For me it took 3 years to completely remove the animal products from my diet. I personally know persons which were able to remove the animal products in just one month, others in a couple of months, others in one year.

We are unique. What is working for you it’s not working for others.

Introduce only one new food, try it, give your body time to get used or not. If you don’t like it, remove it completely.

As you introduce new food, remove one from the current diet.

Add more vegetables, preferably raw.

Try the plan and let me know how went. If you want the exact quantities or full recipe just let me know.

What you have here is just a plan, not full recipes.

Do not forget to stay hydrated, practice yoga, Pilates or what form of psychical exercise you practice. If you don’t have one, just walk, at least 30 minutes daily.

If you like this post maybe you like also this one “Juicing recipes for weight loss

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About the Author


I have always been interested in living a healthy life.

I believe in the power of nature, the power of the plants which were given to us. Hiking, running, yoga, Pilates and meditation are the tools which keep me in shape and provide a state of well-being.

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  1. Very interesting article. I read it because probably I don’t include a great deal of fruit and vegetables on my diet. I would like to improve on that, and it’s interesting finding new ways of doing so.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I really encourage you to include more of them in your diet. You will be amazed by the results.
      Let me know about your results.

      Stay healthy!

  2. My work mate went on this diet and found some great success with it. Although he lost some weight but then put it ALL back on (plus more) after he finished his diet. I’m going to show him this article and maybe he’ll start it again, as he really does need to jump on some kind of routine before he keeps putting the weight on. Thanks for the article!

    1. Hi Brandon,

      As I mentioned in the article, losing weight with a vegan plan is very appealing, BUT if the plan is follow only for this and at the end you switch back to your old habits, here you have it: weight gained as you pointed out. This is the problem with all diets. If your mate wants to lose weight in a healthy way, do advice him to follow the vegan plan not for a week, but for more. And gradually introduce the foods he likes. Do come back with a comment and let me know about his progress.
      Thanks for passing by.

      Stay healthy!

  3. Hi

    This is a very interesting plan, Thank you I think I will need to give it a go. Should I take any supplements whilst completing this plan. Does this plan give me everything that I need to maintain muscle mass at the same time as losing body fat?
    I would love to here your take on these points thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for your comment. I take daily vitamin B12 and during the winter time vitamin D as well. The green juices contain all the nutrients you need. I am vegan for 5 years now and I do cardio exercises, include running. Before and after workout I have smoothies.
      If you want to give it a try just let me know, I can guide you.

      Stay healthy!

  4. I saw many vegan products in the supermarket and never understand the word ‘vegan’. I always wanted to be healthy especially in eating. The recipes seems healthy but I gonna need some meats. Do you suggest me to have try vegan while breastfeeding?

    1. Hi Emily,

      I always prepare all my meals at home, for office or for a hiking day. If you eat meat and diary products, following the plan is hard. Yes, you can try vegan food while breastfeeding. A friend of mine is raw vegan for almost 15 years and she stayed like this during the pregnancy and breastfeeding. She raised her daughter with raw and vegan food.
      Thank you for passing by. Let me know about your experience.

      Stay healthy!

  5. Wow !!! Your Blog tips are really appreciable i really like these. Fitness is the more important thing in our busy lifestyle. If you need a happy life then you need a healthy and active body.

    1. Thank you, Marry Claire. I agree, we have to keep our bodies in shape and no excuse when it’s about exercising. At least 30 minutes daily walk.

      Stay healthy!

  6. Hi, Thanks for your top-notch article. Actually, A vegan diet can be a highly nutritious choice, as it is low in saturated fat and rich in nutrients. However, starting out on an animal-free diet without proper planning can lead to some health risks. All protein, vitamins, and minerals must come from non-animal sources, so food choice and preparation are important.

    1. Hello there,

      You’re welcome, I’m glad you like it. I agree, you cannot switch to a vegan diet just like that. For me, the transition took 2 years, yes, maybe it seems long, but we are different. I know cases when the transition took one month, couple of months or one year. The vitamins and minerals are coming from other sources, correct. Just replace them with healthy ones. And do not forget about B12 vitamin.
      Thank you for your comment and visit.

      Stay healthy!

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