Yoga Routine For Weight Loss

Your Daily Yoga Routine For Weight Loss

Weight loss is a constant goal for many of us. It is not unusual to use various methods to burn extra pounds, including extreme diets or exhausting exercises. But do you know that there are certain yoga poses for weight loss?

Yoga is a very effective option when it comes to weight loss. If you try to lose weight, this ancient practice will be very helpful. In addition, it is not hard to adopt it at all

In fact, its simplicity is the main advantage offered by yoga. Even people who do not usually do exercise or are overweight can practice.

Yoga is not a form of high intensity training, but yoga sessions usually last around 75, 90 minutes of continuous activity. During this time, the muscles will be permanently solicited.

As with any other physical activity aimed at losing weight, you should practice yoga 4-5 times a week, so weight loss occurs. It is also necessary to adjust your diet to achieve your goal. This requires a healthy and balanced diet. Under such conditions, metabolism will be accelerated, and weight loss will not be delayed.

If you want to adopt yoga for losing weight, it is very important to choose the right moves and practice them for a long time, up to 90 minutes. Thus, you will lose calories and tone your muscles.

Yoga will relax your mind and body.

A higher than normal weight is an indicator that suffer from an imbalance, and excess stress is a cunning catalyst for extra the extra weight accumulation.

When practicing yoga, you relax your body and mind, eliminating the stress that is responsible in many cases for weight gain.

I’m starting my day with a morning yoga session, about 15-20 minutes which helps me to stretch the muscles after the night sleep. The sequence includes the child’s pose, cat – cow pose, dog pose, first warrior pose. I mentioned just few of them.

But, do not just jump into your yoga pants and take out your mat. Give some time for your body to get used with the vertical position.

During the day, you can practice some yoga poses if your time and place are available.

I finish my day with another 20-30 minutes of calm yoga, preparing for night.

Read on to discover some poses that you can include in your yoga routine for weight loss.

The Tree Pose

This yoga pose will help you tone up and define your abdominal muscles. To execute it, follow these simple steps:

  • First, sit with your feet glued to each other
  • Then, put your left foot over the knee of the other foot to form a right angleYoga routine for weight loss tree pose
  • approach your palms to the chest and breathe twice
  • At the third inhalation, raises your arms, but keeps the palms attached
  • Exhale while bending your torso to the left
  • Inhale again and stretch yourself
  • Repeat the exercise for each foot 3-5 times

The tree pose stretches the entire length body from heels to the tips of fingers, also helping improve your body flexibility.

First Warrior Pose

The second yoga pose will help you sculpt your abdomen and thins your thighs. Just follow the steps:

  • Stand with your feet glued to one another and arms along the bodyYoga routine for weight loss warrior pose
  • Inhale and raise the arms at the head level
  • Exhale and bend your body forward
  • Inhale and, when you are about to exhale, move your right foot back to execute a lunge
  • The right foot should be extended and the left one bent
  • Inhale and raise your arms, then exhale and return to the starting position.
  • Perform 5 repetitions per day for each leg

Half Bridge Pose

Benefits: stretches the chest, neck and spine, abs and open the lungs and rib cage

  • Lie on your back with your hands along the body and palms facing up
  • Bend your knees and try to grab your ankles with your hands
  • Make sure there is an adequate distance between legs and hips
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds, then run 3 more reps

The Bridge Pose

  • Lie on your back with knees bent and legs apart, at the shoulders width

    Bridge pose in yoga routine for weight loss
    Bridge one of the poses in yoga routine to help you lose weight

  • Lift your hips and keep them parallel to the floor
  • Put your arms under your torso and try to clap you hands together
  • Holds the position for one minute, leave the hips down and do two more reps

Plough (Plow) Pose

Benefits: stretches the calves and hamstrings, shoulders, neck and arm muscles

Plough pose in yoga routine for weight loss
Plough pose pose one of the poses in yoga routine to help you lose weight
  • Lying on your back, place your hands on the floor by your side, palms facing down. Keep the legs straight and tight together, and press the low back flat on the ground.
  • Inhale and lift the legs and hips up and over your head, toes pointed and slowly bring the tops the feet to the floor.
  • Exhale and claps your hands together on the floor behind you, keeping your arms straight to deepen the stretch of the chest and shoulders
  • To release, bring the palms back to the floor, engage the core muscles and slowly roll the hips back to the floor, and then lower the legs

Warrior Pose With Twist

This yoga position is ideal for thinning the abdomen and legs, and the good part is that it also defines the oblique muscles of your abdomen, which you rarely work.

To execute the pose, bring the hands in the “prayer” position, make a lunge with the left leg, bending the knee at 90 degrees and stretch out the right leg.

Contract the abdominal muscles and turn the torso to the left, leaning over your bent leg and holding the right elbow pressed against the outside of your left knee. Turns your head and looks at the ceiling.

Hold this position for 10 seconds, then slowly return to the initial position and repeat with your right foot. Exercise should be done 3 times on each side.

Boat Pose

This yoga position is a real challenge for everyone, not just those who want to lose weight.

To do the pose, sit on the floor with your legs stretched forward and your back straight. Keep your hands close to your hips and tight the abdomen

Boat pose in yoga routine for weight loss
Boat pose one of the poses in yoga routine to help you lose weight

Then raise both legs without bending them, and lean back to form a 45-degree angle with your body. Raise your hands so they’re stretched near your thighs.

Stay in this position for 10 seconds and, as you get stronger, prolong the time to one minute. Although it seems very little, I guarantee that you will feel the effort in the abdomen!

Side Plank Pose

Any variation of the “plank” position makes you sweat, but you will get rid of fat, especially in the abdominal area and buttocks.

Side plank pose in yoga routine for weight loss
Side plank pose one of the poses in yoga routine to help you lose weight

Stand on one side, legs straight, supported yourself in your right hand so that your wrist is in line with the shoulder (otherwise you risk hurting yourself).

Tighten your legs and lift your body off the floor so that you form a continuous line between your shoulders and ankles. Raise your left hand to the ceiling, turn your head towards it and breathe deeply for 60 seconds. Repeat the exercise on the other side.

Conclusion Of The Day

Regular yoga practice or adopting a routine for a certain amount of time will help your body to function much better. This activity will supply your body’s cells with the oxygen they need to function properly.

Yoga also offers many other benefits, such as:

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Increasing your physical energy level
  • Keeping emotions under control

If you try daily these yoga poses for weight loss that do no take much of your time, you will develop a routine and you will see how the fat in the abdominal area disappears much faster than with many other complicated and very difficult exercises!

A very important rule, regardless of the form of training you choose, is a proper nutrition adapted to your goals of weight loss. If this is neglected, weight loss will not occur.

I hope you enjoyed the article and I would be glad to hear form you. Fell free to add your comments in the comments section.

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About The Author

I have always been interested in living a healthy life.

I believe in the power of nature, the power of the plants which were given to us. Hiking, running, yoga, Pilates and meditation are the tools which keep me in shape and provide a state of well-being.


  1. avatar
    Philip says:

    Hi Dany,

    I use to do Tai Chi, I know its different from Yoga, but I can tell you all these exercises described herein really do help. I done some Yoga as well and I can tell you its a nice and relaxing way to stay healthy and really terrific for your head as well.

    I was looking at your Yoga routine for weight loss and I more than think they are manageable for all to do. I may start to do something because some days I just don’t have the time to even go for a walk.

    Can you tell me Dany – are Yoga Classes expensive?

    Someone told me once they use to take Yoga Classes but stopped going because he could not stand all the horrible smells because of all the stretching = Puke.

    Anyways, ridiculously enough, that is my only concern – LOL!

    Thanks again Dany,

    – Philip

    1. avatar
      Dany says:

      Hi Philip,

      Indeed, yoga is suitable for all levels and it’s not hard to get into it. If you want to introduce yoga into your daily routine, I would advice to start with hatha yoga.
      The classes are not expansive, but the price depends on the studio, location, big or small city.

      Hahaha, horrible smell. There is no such thing ? We know that yoga relaxes muscles, so I imagine it was about that smell, if you know what I mean ?

      Thank you and do let me know if you start taking yoga classes and what are your thoughts.

      Stay healthy!

  2. avatar
    Andrew says:

    I am aware of the benefits of doing yoga but i was unaware that you could actually use it to lose weight. I can associate doing something that exerts some energy , but i suppose maintaining some of the poses that you have mentioned can burn a lot of calories when done correctly. I will have to look into yoga a bit more seriously so i will definitely be back to your site.

    1. avatar
      Dany says:

      Indeed, executing correctly the poses and maintaining them, you burn calories.
      Yoga can help you losing weight.
      The benefits are many, not only losing weight. Thank you, waiting to see you again 🙂

      Stay healthy!


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