10 Best Exercises For Weight Loss Using Your Weight

Try 10 best exercises for weight loss using your own weight

The easiest, least expensive, most effective and enjoyable way to tone your muscles and lose weight is to use your weight (no matter what weight you have) and train yourself.

Any workout begins with a warm up. Make sure you warm up every muscle and as you prepare your body for the training ahead.

An efficient warm up should last at least five minutes and activate and warm each wrist.

Exercises with body weight are many and you can make many combinations, so that every time you work other body parts.

Sometimes, the best exercises are the exercises done based on your available time. Let’s see 10 best exercises for weigh loss.

Leg Lunges


Exercise 1: Lunges one of the 10 best exercises for weight loss
Exercise 1: Lunges for weight loss

Stand with your feet slightly distant; position your hands on your hips and make a step forward with the right foot.

Maintain a right position of your back and lower your body until the front and back legs form an angle of 90 degrees.

Return to the initial position and execute the same movement for the left foot

Do 3 series of 10 reps per each foot.


You will ask yourself what is burpees. No worries, you are not alone.

The Burpees were invented by Royal H. Burpee and were included in physical resistance assessment issues in the army’s tests in the 1940s. It was considered those who could perform 41 burpees in one minute, they were in an excellent physical form, although the initial structure of the exercise was less demanding than what fitness practitioners adopt today. It did not include the final jump and squat.


Exercise 2: burpees for weight loss
Starting sequence for executing burpees
Exercise 2: burpees for weight loss
Position 2 for executing burpees
Exercise 2: burpees for weight loss
Position 3 for executing burpees
Exercise 2: burpees for weight loss
Position 4 for executing burpees

Take one squat. Keep your hands on the floor and push your feet back so you get into the pushup position.

Through a bounce flexes the legs outside the arms. Once in position, extend your arms and jump so that you end up sitting position (this is a single repeat).

Do 3 series of 12 reps.

Benefits of doing burpees

So, burpees is among the most effective and demanding exercises. They do not require any special equipment, they can be made in different variations, they are an ideal solution for weight loss, toners and endurance. And these are just some of the benefits.

Burpee is a complex exercise that requires force, mobility and coordination, and the reasons why it has become so popular are numerous. Here are some of them

1. Burpees burns 50% more fat than regular strength training

Burpee enrolls on the list of more effective weight loss exercises than running.

Because burpees require all your main muscle groups and are performed at high intensity, they are among the best weight loss exercises.

Studies have found that this type of exercise stimulates fat burning by up to 50% compared to moderate training. It also stimulates metabolism, which means you will burn calories throughout the day, not just during their execution. So if your goal is to lose weight, it includes burpees in your training

2. You can do them anywhere

Another benefit is that, to perform a classic burpee, you only need your own body weight. Exercise can be done anywhere, including your own home, outdoors, traveling, etc.

3. Burpees are complete exercises

It’s hard enough to work all muscle groups by doing one exercise. When doing burpees, you use the muscles of your chest, back, thighs, and secondary muscle groups such as your arms and shoulders.

Regardless of the goal you want to achieve with your training, burpees will have positive effects on your physical and mental condition. The constant repetition of the movement will not only sculpt your body, but it will help you become more persistent.

4. Increase the endurance

If you want to be in a physical form of great days in a short time, then you must include burpees in your training! They are among the most effective exercises for increasing the endurance. Only 10 burpees carried out at an alert pace will put your blood in motion and speed up your breathing. Over time, the results will be remarkable

5. They can be included in any training

Burpees, in addition to being very efficient, are also versatile. They can be included in any workout, with many variations, so it’s almost impossible to get bored with them.

How to execute burpees correctly

The effectiveness of an exercise lies in the technique of execution, so in order to enjoy all its benefits, you must learn to do it correctly:

1. Stand with your back straight and look straight ahead

2. Come down in squat and the floor with your palms

3. Jump back with both legs to get the into plank position and do a lunge

4. Return quickly squat position, bringing your knees to the chest

5. Perform a jump, pointing your hands to the ceiling

Exercise is done at a fast pace!

During the final jump, you must keep your knees, hips and shoulders straight.

Of course, there are some variations of executing the burpees. This is the basic one.


One of the most efficient exercise for weight loss and work your thighs, buttocks and thighs.


Exercise 1: Squats one of the 10 best exercises for weight loss
Exercise 3: Squats for weight loss

Stand with your legs slightly away so that it does not exceed the width of the hips and keep your hands close to your body.

Maintains a right position of the back. Lower your body and extend your hands in front at the same time. Return to the original position and repeat.

Do 3 series of 15 reps.

Combine Squats

Squats with jumps will increase your heart rate and help you burn calories especially in the abdomen and legs.


Do a squat. Stand up with a jump and land in a lunge position with your right foot back. In this position jump back into a squat.

Do 3 series of 45 seconds are recommended in which you alternate the leg you are landing on.


This type of exercise is more demanding than it seems.


Stay with your hands next to your body and legs together. From this position make a jump in which move your feet and raise your hands. Return to the original position and repeat for 20 seconds.

Do 8 series.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope tones your body from head to toe.


Jumping rope one of the 10 best exercises for weight loss
Jumping rope for weight loss

Stand with feet together, hold in each hand one end of the rope and elbows at your sides. Jump over the rope with both feet simultaneously for 1 minute.

Do 3 series.

Pushing The Ceiling

This super exercise works both the abdomen muscles and the lumbar region. The more muscle groups you work, the more calories you eat.


Pushing the ceiling one of the 10 best exercises for weight loss
Pushing the ceiling exercise for weight loss

Lie on your back and put your arms out. Now push with power and lift butt off the ground. Imagine that you want to touch the ceiling with toes. Now slowly descends to the starting position and repeats the exercise 20 times.

Side Lunges

Apply the same basic rules as for lunges, just now that you will take the step outside. Perform 10 repetitions on the right, then 10 repetitions to the left.

Side lunges one of the 10 best exercises for weight loss
Side lunges exercise for weight loss

Do not try to make them alternative because you will most likely lose your balance and concentration.


Do not do only 100 crunches per day, they are not efficient and you will not consume too much calories to help you lose weight. But combined with the above mentioned exercises, it’s valuable.

Crunches one of the 10 best exercises for weight loss
Crunches exercise for weight loss

You can use it as a pause, that means include it in your training when you want to lower the pulse but without stopping completely your training.

Mountain climber

There is an exercise that works both the abdomen and the cardiovascular system, meaning high pulse and burning of calories: Mountain Climber!

Starts in pushup position, with arms close and straight back. Now lift one leg and place it at the same level with your right arm. Return to the starting position and repeat it on the left side.

Mountain climber one of the 10 best exercises for weight loss
Mountain climber exercise for weight loss

If you cannot lift your leg so high, try the modified version: touch the right elbow with the left knee, then repeat.

To activate the calorie burning effect, try to perform this exercise as quickly as possible and without pausing between repetitions.

How to make the most of these weight loss exercises?

As a beginner, it’s normal that you will not execute correctly some of the exercises from the first try. It is important not to give up, but try to do better next time and perseveres.

Even if you do just a partial move, continue to try because you will still develop strength and coordination long enough, and later you will be able to do the whole exercise in a correct form.

As repetition is the mother of learning, every time you repeat an exercise your body becomes familiar with it. The more you exercise, the better you become.

I hope you enjoyed this article. I would like to hear your opinion, so feel free to leave your comment in the section below.

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