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Juicing and smoothie recipes

Ultimate Juicing and Smoothies Recipes Review

Product: Ultimate Juicing & Smoothie Recipes & Tips Cheapest Place to Buy: Type of diet: Juices and Smoothies Guarantee: 60 Days Full Money Back Creator: Bob Hannum Overall rating: 10 of 10 Ultimate Juices and Smoothies Recipes, The Product The juicing concept is not new. The juice is obtained with a classic juicer or […]

Pilates Reformer review

Pilates with Reformer review

You have probably already heard of Pilates exercises and their benefits on the body. However, the principles of Pilates technique are not just exercise, but also concentration, relaxation and, most importantly, breathing. Before you get started with Pilates you have to learn to breathe properly. Every movement involves a certain type of breath, whether we […]

Best running shoes 2018

Best running shoes 2018

How to choose your running shoes is a subject which I have touched in my article “Running athletic shoes – how to choose”. Today I will share with you the best running shoes 2018. First of all when you choose a new pair of running shoes you should ask yourself a couple of questions: 1. […]


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