How To Exercise With Kids And Keep In Shape

You can exercise with kinds and could be fun

For new moms and not only, finding some free time to do some workouts it’s a big challenge.

But, it’s still possible to combine your workout and spending time with your child. So, how to exercise with kids?

When you are alone or a couple, it’s easy to find time to exercise, but when your family is growing and you are surrounded by small cute little faces, it becomes a bit hard, but not impossible.

In fact, practicing together with kids, it acts as an example for them. You know that the kids are acting by imitation.

If you want your kids to eat healthy food, you have to eat healthy food. If you want your kids to exercise, you have to exercise. The power of example.

Exercising with the family is not just a way to achieve an ideal body weight, but a whole pattern of healthy thinking that will develop your child in a harmonious way, from an early age.

Play With Your Kid(s)

Do you have any idea how many calories are you burning playing ‘catch me if you can’ with your kid? As you know, you will run after your kid.

Even if they are so small with short legs, still they are running faster than you.

You will ‘workout’ your legs and lungs, so get in shape.

Walk With Your Kid(s)

Are you living in a big city? That’s great! Take the advantage of the crowded place and go out for a walk with your kids.

I know, they are small, but they can take their bike or scooter and you just walk beside them. Don’t be surprised that you will run after them.

Go Out For Weekend

If you tell your kid that you will go out of the city to enjoy the nature and a good hike, they will not be very happy.

Out in the nature with the kids
One of the best ways to exercise with kids is hiking

I have the same issue, so I’m trying to find something to do with them and it’s fun for them as well. For example, go swimming together, go to a zoo, something fun for them and you take advantage of a walk.

The important thing is to be out in the nature (if possible) and spend time with them.

You – Yoga Or Zumba, Kid – Playground

I do not know how many of you have this possibility, but during the summer there are many activities, like Yoga and Zumba classes outside.

I found some classes of this kind and the best park that the classes are next to a playground. As you imagine, I’m doing by class and can keep an eye on by kid and the kid is happy doing what he likes.

Jumping Rope

Nowadays, there are few children who jump rope but if you want them to enjoy childhood in a nice way, it would not hurt to teach them some games that you enjoyed in your childhood and today is practiced. Not only will you take the tradition further, but you will benefit your health and your family.

Participate On Races

Sign up for events like cross-races or different other races. Such events will motivate you to train a little before and make it together so that fun is guaranteed.

Regardless of your child’s age, these events are the perfect solution for him to leave aside video games. If you are the teenage mother, you can make a team on a race with some more complicated obstacles and make the effort together to get the first place.

Just Dance

One of the most fun activities you can do and that will make you get off the couch is dancing.

Exercise with kids dancing
Fun activity: dance with your kids and burn calories

Take the child and dance together in the living room for 15 minutes. Give an ad-hoc party dance with a fast-paced music.

It will be extremely refreshing and does not involve too much effort. You will certainly laugh while hopping through the living room, but you will burn calories and you will have a much better mood.

Playground Games

When you go to playgrounds in the park you do not choose to sit on a bench by watching it from there.

Get involved in his play. Run through the park, swing together. Surely he will be happy to have you as a playmate, and on this occasion you still burn some calories.

Take the ball to you and play a few passes, run after the ball. You can play in the park even badminton, you can jump the rope together or you can play with a Frisbee. It’s enough to dedicate one hour a day to these activities.

Bicycle and roller skates

Do you have difficulties in convincing the little one to give up for an hour the computer games? Give him a bicycle or a pair of roller skates, take it for you and go for a two-wheeled walk.

Best way to exercise with kids using roller skates
Go together for a two-wheeled walk

It’s a nice activity that will put your metabolism in motion.

Exercise At Home

Being a stay at home mom, I know how hard is to find some free time for a workout.

But, you can practice at home. There are many DVDs or YouTube videos and you can easily practice at home. You don’t need a special equipment, just you.

If you have a small baby, take advantage of the sleeping hours and do some physical exercise. If it’s an older child, practice together.

If the practice is not something which the child is interested on, at least you can keep an eye on the child while practicing.

The Benefits Of Physical Exercises For Kids

It is known that if a child does an any kind of sport since he/she is small, he or she has a higher resistance, and the risk of getting sick with severe heart disease or diabetes is substantially diminished.

The physical exercise contributes not only to the physical development and strengthening of the body, but also to the affective-emotional development.

The sport stimulates the children in the direction of exploring and expressing the emotions.

In the case of children, physical activities are the most appropriate alternative for the child to consume energy.

Physical activity harmoniously develops the child, helps him to acquire certain abilities and benchmarks that are so necessary in the life of the adult.

The child should be encouraged and not constrained to practice a sport.


As a mother, sometimes it is like a battle with yourself to find some time only for you.

You have household issues to care of, doctor appointments for the kid(s) and all the rest. Your time is very limited and child orientated, but you can still do some physical exercises including or not your child.

From the simple running around the table to a DVD program, you can still practice and keep in shape. Always try to involve the little one on what are you doing.

How do you handle this? What are your tricks?

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