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10 best alkaline foods
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10 Best Alkaline Foods

The principle on which the alkaline food is based is that certain foods produce acidity in the body through the residual elements left after digestion. The negative health effects of acids can be reduced by limiting the consumption of foods that cause acidity and by increasing the consumption of foods that alkalize the body. To …

Cocoa Butter Health Benefits are endless
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Cocoa Butter Health Benefits

Cocoa butter is recognized for its outstanding cosmetic benefits. However, there are plenty of other reasons why they should be part of every woman beauty kit, but also from the ingredients commonly used in the kitchen. Today will see together the cocoa butter health benefits and not only. Where Does The Cocoa Butter Come From …

How to eat a vegan diet
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How To Eat A Vegan Diet

Vegan diets (sometimes called strict or pure vegetarians) are indicated for decreasing the risk of myocardial infarction, colon cancer, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, prostate cancer or heart attack. Well-prepared vegan diets are healthy and meet nutritional needs. However, if poorly prepared, they can cause low levels of calcium, iodine, vitamin B12, and vitamin …

The body needs proteins to support life.
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Best Vegetable Protein Sources

There is a common understanding that only animal products contain proteins and minerals, but you can find these nutrients in a higher quantity in vegetables either they are cooked or raw. You can find the best vegetable protein sources in: – spinach – 49% – kale – 45% – broccoli – 45% – cauliflower – …

Countless Kombucha tea benefits
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Kombucha Tea Benefits

I do not know if you ever heard about Kombucha tea, but the first time I heard when I was a child. The Kombucha fungus or ‘the mushroom from the tea jar’ was offered to my grandmother and since then the ‘Kombucha tea ceremony’ started. Kombucha tea benefits are countless and if you want to …


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