April 14, 2018 Dany 10Comment

In the modern society, the use of medication to solve a health problem is very common. The alternative of medication is addressing the problem through​ diet. The foods that help reduce high blood pressure​ are many, and I will share with you my experience and results in solving it. No matter how well we care for our body while respecting the rules of a healthy lifestyle, we cannot separate physical health from the mental state. Stress occurs when strong negative environmental factors act on us and have a very important role to signal that we are in a risky situation….

April 9, 2018 Dany

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website! I have always been interested in living a healthy life. I believe in the power of nature, the power of the plants which were given to us. Hiking, running, yoga, Pilates and meditation are the tools which keep me in shape and provide a state of well-being. I discover Pilates about 15 years back, and it was love at first sight. Shortly I’ve followed the Pilates training course, and I’ve earned the professionally certified diploma. Two years back I’ve followed Elaina’s Love Raw Chef courses, and I was amazed by how many…