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Easy 15 day detox diet plan

Easy 15 Day Detox Diet Plan

I was talking about detoxifying in a recent article, but wouldn’t you be interested in a 15-day detox diet plan? If your answer is YES, let’s dive in. As you probably know, a big proportion of modern food includes refined and processed aliments. If you noticed a few extra kilos, getting cold easily, intestinal disturbances, […]

Countless Kombucha tea benefits

Kombucha Tea Benefits

I do not know if you ever heard about Kombucha tea, but the first time I heard when I was a child. The Kombucha fungus or ‘the mushroom from the tea jar’ was offered to my grandmother and since then the ‘Kombucha tea ceremony’ started. Kombucha tea benefits are countless and if you want to […]

Easy and handy best detox for weight loss

The Best Detox For Weight Loss

Nowadays, the detox became a fashion and many times it’s used to get some rapid results in our continuous fight with extra weight. Let’s see together what is the best detox for weight loss. When you think about detoxification you probably think that you have to follow a juice based diet or to fast or […]


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